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  1. With exception for cookies this Shop does not automatically collect any kind of data.
  2. Cookie files (so called "cookies") are the digital info, mostly in a form of text files, that are gathered at the end user device and are used to help in daily utilisation of the the online shop. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they were collected, time in storage at a specific end device and a unique number.
  3. The legal entity responsible for placing cookie files in the end user device is the website operator. 
  4. Cookie files are used to:
    • adjust the website content to the User's preferences and optimizing the website utilisation; most importantly the files enable the recognition of the Shop User's device and adjustment of the the final view based on individual needs. 
    • creating statistics helpful to understand the Users' path through the website, which helps adapting the structure and content, hence upgrading the User experiance.
  5. Two type of Cookie files are used within the Shop: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are stored on the end device until the User will leave the page (or close the software enabling browsing). Persistent cookies are stored on the User's end device for time precised in the Cookie files parameters or until the User decides to delete them.
  6. Within our Shop the following Cookies are used:
    • Necessary Cookies - enabling to use the services available within th Shop parameter's, for example the authorising cookie files used in services requiring User's authorisation in the Shop.
    • Security Cookies - used to dedect abuses, for exampleduring the authorisation process. 
    • Efficiency Cookies - enabling gathering data regarding how the website is used.
    • Functional Cookies - which help memorising and restoring the User's settings and the interface personalisation, for example language or geo settings, font size or the general layout. 
    • Commertial Cookies - enabling deliverance of more adapted advertisment to the Users.
  7. In many cases the software used to go through websites (browser) is automatically set to accept the Cookies on the User's end device. Shop Users can change their Cookie settings at any time. Settings can be changed to block the browser from automatically accepting Cookies or ensure each time an information is displayed on the end device for the User to decide if the Cookies will be accepted. Specific and detailed information can are available in the software settings of each particular browser.
  8. The System's Operator kindly informs that limiting Cookies utilisation can affect some of the available functions on this website.
  9. The Cookies stored on the end device of the User can be used by the entities cooperating with the Shop Operator such as entities placing advertisment and business partners.
  10. More information on the Cookie Files is available under the following link:



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